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    Unhappy Lodd 2 Winnipeg Firefighters

    2 Winnipeg firefighters both with 30yrs service (captains) have lost their lives on Sunday 4th of Feb 2007. Caught in a flashover. 3 more firefighters in the hospital serious conditon.

    Rest in peace fellow brothers.

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    The Memorial Service for Captain Harold Lessard and Captain Tom Nichols will be held at the MTS Centre on Wednesday February 14th. The service will begin at 10am. The doors will open at 8am and we ask that members of the public be seated by 9:30.

    Fire Fighters are asked to muster at 6am (no later than 7am) in the Winnipeg Convention Centre.

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    Default thank you

    It's been over 6 months since the Gabriel Roy fire which claimed 2 of my co-workers and friends. It may never be easy to speak of that night, but I would still like to say thanks to the thousands of fellow Fire Fighters who came to our City to share in our grief. I sit here now knowing that New York has again suffered the loss of another 2 Fire Fighters at the Deutschland Bank. Ours is a strange life...we do, because we love...keep each other safe.

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