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    Default Number of personnel

    Hi quick question for everybody, my department is thinking of getting into vehicle extrication. What is the adequate number of staffing needed for vehicle extrication? Any help would be appreciated

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    I find that a crew of 4 works good, 5 is even better. Two people to work the tool one other to be setting up back up equipment and one more to be a go fer. Also one officer to monitor the whole working incident (making 5). My dept., runs a 3 man rescue, with a 5 man engine. That way you also get fire suppression along with the rescue company.
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    Our department's rescue engine seats four and is staffed with 4 when it goes out the door. On the interstate or turnpike, we usually have another dept respond with a rescue engine or rescue for backup/manpower.

    Including mutal aid, here is a response from a fatal crash on the turnpike a while back, just for example:

    3- Engines
    2- Rescue/Engines
    1- Heavy Rescue
    2- Chiefs
    1- Safety Officer
    4- Medic Units
    2- Medevac birds

    If you are looking for a list of equipment we carry or anything else, just lemme know.
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    My full time job has plenty of firefighters so we are somewhat blessed. However my PT department only has 5 members on duty, so we have an auto aid heavy rescue coming in on the initial call.
    We generally have the 1st due officer stay as the IC and assign a group to the tool, a group to stabilization, one for PT care, we drop a line and a purple K. The more people you have (to a point) the faster everything gets done. So I would have help coming in early.
    At the full time place we have enough coming in so If I'm on the first due engine I'm IC and the rest of the crew starts stabilization and making the car safe (Glass, batteries, oil dry etc.) the rescue starts the cut job, medics do treatment. If we have a shift commander I'll jump into supervising the extrication or whatever is needed.
    Anyway get them started in early.

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