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    Default exhausted in ohio....

    interesting start im sure, but it is mental exhaustion rather than physical. heres the story, im a 21 yr old certified in ohio as FF II, paramedic, haz-mat ops, evdt, pumps I&II, tactical als, scuba, firefighter self survival, and several other various training classes. i have been in this field for nearly 4 years, and have been working as a FT paramedic, PT firefighter/medic, and volunteer firefighter/medic for most of this time. now to the mental exhaustion segment, it is just disappointing the lack of job opportunities in ohio. I have been testing for several years to earn a FT fire job, but to no avail as of yet. it seems every test has several hundred people all gunning for one position. this is a job ive wanted my entire life yet it seems everytime i do well on a test, either there is no hiring done from that list, or im just out of reach. my main question here is pertaining to those in and around the ohio area. anyone know of any departments that are hiring, be it a township that hires as needed or a full blown testing process. any info is greatly appreciated.

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    have you tried looking out of state? you should start looking at depts in the south like south carolina and other states. i did that and i got out of ohio.

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    I don't have any personal experience with hiring in Ohio, but I'm born and raised there and have quite a few friends and family members that are going through it now. They are all qualified like you are and having troubles finding employment. My brother in law is working multiple PT jobs and has more certs than I could count, yet he can't get over the hump into FT employment.

    I'll second the "get out of Ohio" nod if you're considering it. In the south, hell, just about anywhere, you'll have a much easier time getting a job with your numerous certs. Most of the FFs I knew while living in FL and TX didn't have the certs you have, so you'll be a head above the norm.

    Best of luck with finding employment.
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    I feel your pain. Keep your head up. Though it may not feel like it, your still very young. I'm pretty much in the same boat you are (although I'm probably jumping ship to Maryland in a few weeks). I'm also FF2/Paramedic and have been testing in Ohio for nearly 4 years. I took 11 FT tests last year and I too am completely burned out. Like you, I'm working FT as a medic, PT fire/medic and volunteer fire/medic. After scoring in the top 5% on nearly every test I've taken with no offers, I finally decided to start testing out of state. I received my first FT offer from Montgomery County Maryland a few months ago. It really comes down to a lack of job opportunities around here. Like mdd2121 said, the drop program is killing you right now. If you really want to stay in the area, stick it out the next 2-3 years (those guys are just beginning to fall off). On the other hand, there are a lot of great job opportunities out of state. Hold onto your National Registry card (I made the mistake of letting mine drop). Off the top of my head... Barberton is accepting apps until 2/13.
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    akron oh


    ohio is a tough scene. ive taken all of the recent tests here in ne ohio and am still waiting for results and am not holding my breath. im heading to richmond this weekend. the weather sucks anyway.

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    I have to agree with the general sentiment -- you're 21. Every department in the country (and outside if you apply to the federal government) is open to you.
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    Fairfax County (Virginia) Fire & Rescue has recruited a good number of frustrated Ohio paramedics.

    Come on over to Fairfax. With good flexibility, I'll bet you can be starting rookie school before 2007 is up.
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    Plenty of great IAFF FT Fire jobs in South Fla for Medics....

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