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    Default Seat belts

    What is your dept policy on seat belt use?
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    Ummmm sure.

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    My department has adopted the stance that when riding in department owned apparatus you will wear your Safety Belt everytime. If I'm driving the unit will not move until all are belted..

    Its common sense! BE SAFE

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    Default Seat Belts

    Our department also has a manditory rule for seat belts anytime the trucks are in motion. I can't believe that in light of all the fatalities directly related to lack of seat belt use that we are still discussing it. Also, there are just as many survival stories from those that have walked away from accidents that were belted in.

    Our transition from recommended to manditory was fairly smooth. I believe this is in part due to our Training Officer taking the time to put an excellent program together including video footage and photos of actual incidents, then making everyone sit through it. The video of the rollover accident in Phoenix was the icing on the cake. Once in a while we have someone attempt to exit the cab still belted in (done that myself) but that seems to be less of a problem over time.

    All in all, our personnel believe "buying the farm" by being crushed under a cab or launched out of one is at the low end of their desired way to "check out".

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    Manitory, Vehicle doesn't move until everyone is belted in.

    And when I am the operator I call out everyones name an ask if they are belted in? Any flack and I will kick anyone not belted in off the rig asap then leave.

    We run every call on narrow twisting mt roads, Its just common sense to buckel up.

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    Hey HFD147, been there done that. Where can I get a copy of the roll over accident it would be a good tool when I am doing a training class.

    As far as policies. I am a volunteer and a paid firefighter. With both department the policy is to wear seat belts. The volllies have nearly 100% usage but with my paid department sadly it is somewhat less. Though I have had a victory with the engine company I am with as we always wear our seat belts now.
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