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    Default Weighted Vests?

    What is your take on them? Have you use/found them to be a useful training and exercise tool to build strength, or are they not really worth it?

    If you like it, do you all know of a good place to pick up used vests, cheap new ones, or have any creative ideas to put one together?

    I've been looking around and have only found the Vmax vests that are about $300 for an 84lb vest. I'd like to get one similar that I can start low and add weight to so that I can get used to wearing it.

    Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
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    I just put 40lbs in a backpack, wrap the weights in towels, and wear the backpack and go run either bleachers or the stair master for 40 minutes at the gym.

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    I broke down and bought a 75lb. vest from You can add or decrease the weight very easily. It wasn't that cheap, but I really wanted to get the job that I was going for. (Again, that's a long story) Plus, it is a tax write off. Good luck.

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    there is also an economy vest from them ( that will handle up to 60# of 2.5# plates. Much cheaper to buy, much cheaper to ship, and you can buy the little plates as strength or budget allows. Same quality, with a different set up.

    There are other thread here that deal with results and ideas as well...

    Search for weight vest...

    *edit... I got 101 thread results for weight vest, with topics ranging from stair climbs, to CPAT to fitness in general.
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