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    Default Canberra ultra radiac

    I have found a critical problem with the S 900 software that interrogates the ultra and mini radaics. I have been in contact with Canberra and they have acknowledged the problem. They state that they will get to the repair as soon as possible but have not put anybody on it and they where notified last November. The problem is if you use the infrared probe to interrogate the meter it erases all the information in both the meter and the computer. In my department that would be the only record of an exposure, the technician at Canberra was not confident that his company would want to notify customers about the problem until they had a fix for it. So Iím trying to get the word out .

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    Hello rgarcia0192,

    In first, sorry for my english (I'm french)
    can you send me this software S 900 because I really need this software for my dosimetry.
    I have 5 ultra radiac but without management by PC.

    Contact me to: meetic100@neuf.fr

    Thank you in advance

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