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    Default Any audio/Video experts? HELP!

    Here's my problem, I just bought and installed a DVD recorder, I am hooked up to Direct TV, I want to be able to record a program off the satellite receiver and then be able to switch to broadcast and watch a different program.

    Like today, Into the Fire is on the History channel, before it ends qualifying for Daytona comes on, so I want to record Into the Fire to watch later and watch qualifying on Fox off my broadcast antenna, right now if I switch the TV to Fox all I get is static, I know what the problem is, I used to be able to this with a VCR but with the DVD there's no option to switch inputs. Does anyone make an A/B switch that is compatible with the satellite antenna? I know you can't use regular splitters an so forth with satellite.

    Direct TV tells me I can do this BUT I have to buy a DV-R from them and pay an extra fee each month, I'm trying to avoid this if I can.


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    How many inputs does your television have? Run the recording through one set of inputs (video, composite, whatever) and connect the off-air antenna directly to your television's coaxial input. Are you using a audio amplifier/receiver with video switching capability? If so, you might have to utilize the audio outputs on your television to have audio from your sound system, instead of just hearing the television speakers.

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    Most of that went right over my head anyhow I went to Radio Shack and found what I need, thanks anyhow!

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