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    Default ISG K-1000 elite's

    I was wondering if anyone has had a problem with the K-1000 elite. Our one camera is 3 years old and the insides were just replaced for the core going bad. This camera is used on a front line engine and goes in with the officer on all AFA's, fires, or whatever else they want. I was told it was damaged due to extreme abuse. The only problems we have had in the past was a bad charging unit.

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    We have 5 ISG's on my department. Never had any problems. How the customer service? They are the only company that I know that builds every single part for their products (here in the United States). Thats unheard of anymore.
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    The customer service has been fantastic. No complaints there.

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    Contact me offline, we took over as the Illinois Distributor last year for ISG. Shoot me an e-mail at dinges599@yahoo.com and maybe we can help.


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