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    Default Are the DJ's accurate?

    With the “2007 season” quickly approaching, how accurate do you feel the reason/s listed in the DJ’s are to why an applicant lost the award?

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    Hey at least they are saying something a little different now. It use to be the sam no matter when you got your DJ. At least it gives you something to go on.Not a lot but at least something.

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    I would have to say pretty accurate. Our DJ stated that we did not have a compelling enough argument for financial need. At the time of the application I knew this would be the weakest area. When transcending two fiscal years it's difficult to predict what will happen the following year.

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    Although pretty general and generic in nature, there is some truth in each ofhtose letters. Take it to heart and work on areas where they say to put effort. It certainly will not hurt you.
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