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    Default Any FF's from SC?

    Hey guys. I was just wondering if there were any firefighters from SC? I'm looking at moving there after I graduate this summer. I was wondering if anyone was near Rock Hill. They are hiring so I am going to try for that dept...but I just wanted to see if it would be cool for me to come visit in May or if anyone knew of anything about Rock Hill. I am from MS and I will be doing graphic design but I would love to do FFing also.

    I believe we've had a million of these threads but oh well...just rag me i guess.

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    Small town but close enough to Charlotte,NC. to get the big city stuff. Great training facility in Columbia. As a volunteer you get most of your training in your area. Really good instructors that make sure you learn what you need to know. Some classes are at the Academy or end there. 1152 burn, FLAG, FF-II. Go to the Convention in Myrtle Beach the week of the 19th in July. A good way to see whats up. Good luck.

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    I used to work for North Charleston FD. They hire a lot and get tons of fires ! Google them up they have a site.

    ------GOD BLESS AMERICA ! ------

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    I'm not far from Rock Hill, neighboring county in North Carolina. I recently applied to Rock Hill and passed the written exam but that is where it ended for me. I've reapplied though. Email me if you have any questions about neighboring towns. I might be able to help. Good luck.

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