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    Angry BOLO, Scott BAs stolen

    Jones County Georgia is missing 4 brand new Scott BAs, masks and 4 extra bottles stolen from one of our stations between Jan-Feb 2007. They went missing from a brand new station not yet on line, now it will take much longer to equip the volunteer station.

    If you are approached by someone suspicious trying to market these products please contact us at jcfd143@earthlink.net immediately or call 478-361-6796. Thanks

    Chief Hoyt, Jones County GA

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    As I said in your other post I can't believe that some kind of POS would steal from a fd. Hope you find the dumbass who did this.

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    Do you have any records on the units and/or bottles?

    If you were able to post a serial number to be on the lookout for, that would be great. I doubt they would end up in my neck of the woods, but it might increase your chances of getting them found. There has to be a bill of sale or shipping bill somewhere that came with the units, find this and you should have some serial numbers.

    If you find the bill, but no serial number, call the manufacturer, give them the bill number, and they will have records with serial numbers of the units that were sold to the dept.

    Good luck,
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    Check E-Bay and other internet sales sites.
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