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    Red face New Ideas for Old Problems?

    Our department is having trouble finding turnouts for our odd sized guys and gals. We are looking for Mediumish sizes and a set or 2 of 3-4XL. And yes, we have little to no budget, and yes, we are putting in for turnouts on the 07 AFG. Shot down in 06. We have several new members that range from tiny to 6'6", 300+. Anyone know of a dealer or department with DECENT and less expensive turnouts?

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    Sorry I can't help you with dealers for low cost stuff now but if you get the grant - you can get everyone custom fitted - we sized a couple of "big boys" in your size range last year ourselves.

    Here is a link to our '05 Grant App (funded) that's Hosted on BC79er's web site

    Also - he has several more samples http://www.firegraphics.org/SampleEquip.htm

    So hopefully you can use those & the free advice from Brian, Curt, Alana and the others in the grant forum to get your '07 app funded.

    Wish you much luck with the grant.
    Take Care - Stay Safe - God Bless

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    Browse and search around the grants forums, and keep your eyes on it. There's always something coming up in there. If I hear of anyone having anything to get rid, I'll try to let you know. I may have some limited gear (I've got to go through it when we get our new gear in), but I don't know of anything for that big of guy. I know of some other departments around here that are getting new gear, too. I'll try to put a bug in their ear. I'm assuming it's worth a 3 hour drive to SW MO if I can find you something?

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