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    Default mini-pumper NFPA 1901?

    We have received specs on a new mini-pumper. It is a Ford F550 with a 1000 gpm pump. In the specs it states it will be NFPA 1901 compliant. Does this mean that as far as AFG is concerned it is a pumper, not brush/quick attack?

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    We just got through pricing one, and the new ones cost as much as some of our older pumpers. The price jumped recenttly due to the diesel emission laws as well. I'm sure Brian or Kurt can tell you if it is considered a pumper or not. Thats a lot of equipment to get on that size truck with hose and ladders and all.

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    From post #19 in the "07 vehicles" thread, bc79er writes:
    No. Hidden in the Instructor Notes for the DHS PPT slideshow is the answer:

    750 gpm or more and 300 gallons water capacity = pumper
    1000 gpm or more and 750 gpm = tanker
    750 gpm or less then 300 gmp Quick Attack

    That's a direct copy and paste, so looks like someone didn't proofread it.

    So I take that as 750gpm and 300+ gal= pumper
    1000+ gal tank = tanker
    300gal & less than 750gpm = quick attack

    Drops it away from the 1250 gal tank mark from years before. And yes, I'm checking on what they meant instead of what was typed. No answer yet.

    That should clear up everything!!!


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    Mini-pumpers are usually 1901s, 1906s are brush/quick attack. Still waiting on a confirmation of the typos in the notes. But anything with 1000gpm pump is going to fit into the pumper category where we find mini-pumper. Still a P1, just a lot of dough for something trying to be a big pumper. Might make folks wonder why you're not asking for the big Kahuna.

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