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    Default Pro-Tech 8 Gloves

    Would you guys recomend these gloves for house fires?? anyone have them?? my question is should i get the long cuff or short cuff???

    http://www.candfsupply.com/index.php...FSilIwodwHLsrw sorry if this has been posted


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    Quote Originally Posted by chadf652 View Post
    Would you guys recomend these gloves for house fires?? anyone have them??
    There are a lot of threads about Gloves, specifically the Protech's. A forum search should get you a lot of information.

    I've had the Protech-8's for a few months. I love 'em.

    As for the short vs long cuff, I think it depends on your gear (do you have the wristlet) and personal preference.
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    They have been discussed previously...


    That being said, I have them and love them. Will be ordering another pair as soon as the tax refund hits (hopefully this week, RFD!) The dexterity is amazing. Cuff length is probably dependent on style of coat/wristlets you have. Someone more educated than I can hopefully explain/elaborate.

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    i read the posts a while ago and ordered 15 pairs of them. haven't had a chance to use them on a fire yet but they have a real nice fit and seem pretty durable.

    as for the cuffs, the way i understand it is the short cuffs are for coats with the little thumblets in them, long cuffs are for coats with no thumblet. i like the long cuffs because they have a strap on them so you can get it nice and tight.

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    Yes, most people that order the long cuff either have no extended hand protection on their gear (i.e. nomex or PBI hand guard w/ thumb hole). Most FF's that order the short cuff have a hand and wrist guard on their gear.


    I have been using my PT8's for several months and so far I have no complaints, they are very lightweight and dexterous and so far I have not had any durability issues. Time is going to tell how well this glove will hold up.


    Thanks for the vote of confidence!

    Good luck and stay safe!


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    Bought 5 pairs for my crew for Xmas. They all love them as do I. A few pair have seen a couple of jobs with positive reports. We now have many other guys on our job ordering them. (from Illnois Firestore, I might add).

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    Mine survived putting my hand through a burning mattress, even when I didnt know it was burning and felt warm material on my hands, later to discover that my hand had burned rubber all over it!

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