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    Default Looking for some advice

    Hey guys,

    I know I don't post here often although I lurk here everyday. I just wanted to let you guys know that I deeply respect all you guys....yes even you nmfire and captngonzo...haha I'm messing.

    Well anyways I have really been out of the fire service for the past few years for college and I really miss it. My other post from earlier this week was asking for anyone in SC...Well I got called by the Chief of Rock Hill, SC FD and I am going up there in March to interview and just hang out and learn about the fire dept. I was wondering if any of you had any advice for me. Part of me wants to ask a lot of questions and part of me kind of wants to shut the heck up and listen and not say a single thing. I know you guys who are fulltimers and even some of you volley's knows what's it's like to have some newbie show up. I want the guys to like me and not think that I am some latchy kid or a big joke either. (I have a tendency to be very sarcastic...I just want to put that in the open)

    Anyways I was just wondering what you would recommend...I`ve been getting ready for this physical agility test...Its been heck but I love every second of it.
    I also hope to become a more visible member here on the boards...but I want to know what I'm talking about before I even think of opening my mouth and looking like a JA....well let's talk computers or graphic design? haha
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    No matter where you go, until you are proven you are a probie. No department wants to here that XYZ FD does things like this or that.
    We got a guy that was a Chief in another department on our job and he never (without being solicited) mentioned how his place does things. He went through our probationary book and did every skill from donning your gear to pulling hose. He is a great guy most everyone likes him and he is a good fit. Now another guy came to us after being a DC and "he knows everything". The guys don't like him, the officers don't like him. He mostly knows his stuff but his attitude sucks.
    Keep you head down, do what they want, go the extra mile and you'll do fine. Oh and no one minds (or should)a guy who asks questions because he wants to learn. Don't ask questions that you know just to look smart, you'll be spotted early.

    Good Luck

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