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    Recently I have seen some Fire Dept videos, and have notice that their were some members in the pics with their nomex hoods sewn onto their coat, looks like they just pull it over their head when it is needed, has anyone else noticed this if so, is that how they are? Sewn on? advantages and disadvantages?

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    Are you sure they were sewn in and not just a hood under a coat? Never seen or heard of one sewn in. What do you do when a hood wears out before a coat? Get a new one sewn in or just get a new hood.

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    In some European countries (Sweden, comes to mind) the hoods are part of the coat itself, but they are donned over both the BA and the helmet.

    I've never heard of a sewn-in Nomex hood. I'd be totally against it, personally.

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    Some members of my department have attached their hoods using the snaps that attach the liner to the shell in back. This keeps the hood handy and yes, you can just pull it over your head. If the hood wears out, just remove and replace.

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