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    I am trying to research the use of wetting agents in the fire service for Class A and Class B fires. I am looking for departments that currently use NFPA 18 listed wetting agents on a regular basis.

    I would like to know what product you are using and your successes or failures with the product. If you are using the wetting agents are you batch mixing, educting or using an on-board foam system? At what percentage are you using the agent? If you are using an on-board foam system have you had any problems with the system in relation to the wetting agent? Has anyone had any experiences with using a wetting agent and AFFF together on Class B fires?

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    We just use dish soap on the rural trucks. 12 oz. per 1,000 gallons.
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    Basically.... all the wetting agent is going to do is allow the water to put the fire out... but it wont foam up. Class A foam is a wetting agent. Thats why it can be used on a class B fire at a high enough percentage(i've seen some work at .5% but fail miserably at .4%).

    But, that wouldnt be a good idea because it wont foam up and it can just reignite. It should only be used in an emergency to put it out.

    But, once again, the percentage depends on the foam. Talk to the people who manufactures the foam and see what they tell you

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