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    Default 2007 Guidance Documents

    Anybody have a copy of the guidance docs yet? The 2006 version was dated February, but the 2007 version is not on line yet. I cannot get to a FEMA seminar until March 7 and that is just too late to get started. I would be happy to pay for postage and copying.

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    At last weeks workshop, the FPS stated the PG was in draft form. The PG would be posted on the website when finalized, but no date given when that would happen.

    The workshop presentation (PPT) can be found at:

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    I attended a workshop on Friday. Our FPS stated it should be out at the first of this week, but no later than Friday. He also stated that all of the priorities are almost identical to 2006, just a few changes to the vehicles.

    He also stated that you will be able to apply for more than one application at the same time. So, you can start your Ops & Safety Application and Vehicle Application at the same time. Application should be out March 5 and be open for approximately 30 days.

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