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    Hottrotter, you had best be careful in your disrespect to the Super Speedways. Every track has it's own special concerns and the supers are no different. Those 3500 pound Nextel Cup cars are doing 200 miles per hour and nothing going that fast can stop nor dodge something very quickly. The drivers may be able to see a good distance in front of him, but going almost 294 feet per second, by the time he sees something it is almost too late to react. Frankly cars that heavy going that fast does not give me a good feeling.
    At Watkins Glen, the cars, especially the Grand Am Daytona Prototypes, may be able to get over 200 mph going up the back straight, but the drivers have a limited distance that they can see in front of their car, so they may be going slower most of the time than at a super speedway, but they still have a short time to react when they suddenly come up on a problem. We do have flagging stations all around the track (18 on the 3.5 mile long course and 12 on the 2.5 mile short course) that communicate to the drivers with the colored flags, but even then the driver may not have enough time to steer clear or stop for a problem on the track.
    I have personally talked to people that work at some of the other tracks that are owned by WGI's parent company when they have come for training at our track and they are all amazed at how many types of cars run on our track and that we are able to provide fire-resuce coverage for every week end from mid-April to late October using a group of volunteers.
    Well it's like this. The cars were going faster at California the next week then they were at Daytona. Next, I have to ask why do the run 200 laps at Daytona? For the first 170 laps they just drove around the track, they didn't start racing until there were 30 laps to go.

    For sure there are special concerns. The super speedways and the new rules NASCAR has for the cars has created a situation where there will be a big wreck with multiple cars. Have to scoot to work right now, but I will see if I cna find the speeds tomorrow. Until then play safe and stay safe.

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    Default Multi-car wrecks

    We've been having big multi-car wrecks as long as I have been working this job (I'm in my 15th season) Untill something is done about the big packs of cars that we have on the superspeedways it will not change. The flip side of that is it makes for great racing. May not always make the best thing to watch on tv, but it is a hell of a show from trackside.

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    Default NASCAR Fire Protection

    Does anyone know if there is any standard or "minimum requirements" for fire protection at NASCAR (nascar sanctioned) tracks? We are thinking of assembling a team of firefighters to offer to provide fire & rescue standbys at some of the tracks in my area. Currently they run late models, modifieds, hobby stock, bombers, figure "8's", and the occaisional spectator drags.

    All I have seen at the tracks here is they have a few fire extinguishers placed in areas around the tracks (1/4 and 1/3 mile asphalt oval) And the track officials currently respond to fires and incidents with NO PPE! Although there is usually an ambulance with Paramedics standing by. I think their preparedness is a joke! (not the paramedics, the track officials!)

    My teams equipment currently consists of several pressurized water extinguishers with foam/light water agent, a few AFFF and FFFP Foam extinguishers, ABC Dry Chem, PKP Dry Chem, Metal-X, Limited supply of Halon 1211, Carbon Dioxide, and a small assortment of rescue/extrication tools, ie; pry bars, saws, porta-power. All this would be loaded onto a pickup with a specially built rack in the box.

    I worked fire protection at a dirt track when I was in the USAF and always enjoyed it.

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    NFPA 610 is addressing alot of the details

    and Most tracks have a Emergency action plan with org charts including "track services" and "general public services" which is basically treated like city fire/ems/law enforcment depts. handled ethier by contract or local services.

    NASCAR also have minum standards before cars ever take to the track, nationally.
    Hope this helps.

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    Talking on the other hand!

    altho i do not work at a nascar race i do work at a dirt track and it is just important to have enough people/firefighters their.... I ended up joining our fire dept through the track and now i am a member there...

    I have also been to another track where the track officials dont help at all cause thy have what they r called(pushtrucks). these push trucks are firefighters that work every week driving their own pov with full lightbars on them in their PPE. two of the trucks are manned with emt's in the passengers seats. when something happens they r the only ones responding at first and then the ambulance shows up and then the water/brush truck and then the wreckers.....

    these guys work at their own dept and decide to do this for a hobby. I know two guys travel atleast 45mins to an hr to work from 5pm till 1 am.....and then drive back home

    any other ?s just ask me.

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