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    Default Boston ladder mishap

    Boston fire ladder 15 had a catastrophic failure of thier ladder while being raised to the roof during a fire call.. The ladder buckled under its own weight when the fly sections were being deployed.. The truck is a 2004 pierce , one of four the city recently purchased. Word had been that the Dept. was allready leaning away from future pierce purchases..Im sure this will not help the cause.. Fortunantley nobody was on the stick at the time and nobody was injured.. This from emt bravo new england..--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    On Tuesday February 20 at approximately 2030hrs, Box 14-221 was transmitted for a reported fire at the South End Tennant Housing, 400 Massachusetts Ave. in the South End. Engines 22, 7 & 33 along with Ladder 15, Tower Ladder 17, Rescue 1, District 4 Chief & Division 1 Deputy Chief were assigned. While Ladder 15 was raising the aerial on their 2004 Pierce 105' Rearmount truck, the last fly section suffered a catastrophic failure & caved in upon itself, bending the stick significantly. A crang from Shaughnessey Crane was eventually dispatched to secure the stick so that it could be lowered to the bed. Two engineers from Pierce Fire Apparatus were dispatched from Appleton Wisconsin yesterday to Boston to investigate. Ladders 1, 7 & 18 were taken out-of-service until a complete and thorough inspection was completed. The Boston Herald had a great story & picture on page 2 of today's paper. http://news.bostonherald.com/localRe...ticleid=184327 More information when it becomes available.

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    Excuse me, sir. But we are all over here:

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    sorry.... I seldom scroll thru all the different pages.. And i allways seem to stumble on to some rediculous argument going on , on the apparatus page .. I had not seen the topic on the main page so i assumed it hadnt been posted yet ..

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