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    Default Need Ideas for '07

    All right after two years and progress and several hours of studying the programs and procedures I have come to the "final" major step and now I am in need of some ideas.

    In the last two years we received AFG grants that allowed us to completely replace all of our Departments equipment and purchase items we would never have dreamed of buying on our own. Likewise we also worked to get all of our members through the advanced firefighter class, wild land firefighting, and auto extrication. We are very thankful for all that the grants allowed us to do and in the 2007 AFG grant we are planning to submit an application for a New Rescue/Pumper. The Idea is fairly simple replace a 1977 Pierce with a truck that will accommodate all of our rescue tools as well as carry 500 gals of water and a 1000/1250 GPM pump. So the quandary comes about in what do I ask for a Pumper to replace the current one or a rescue to expand our mission into new areas I have heard from several the theory that first time purchases are given more points than replacements. Additionally what is the funding cap in this type of area itís been 15 years since we purchased a truck what kind of money is considered too much in this area ?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Rescue/Pumpers cap out at around $275,000. It might go up a bit, but not too much.

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