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    Default Assistance with Research Project

    I need assistance with a research project I am working on for the MPA program I am in at UNC-Pembroke. I am conducting a research project on the improved service delivery going from a part-time staffed volunteer department to providing 24 hr. paid coverage with at least one FF on duty. I am currently the EMS Coordinator and FF of a volunteer department in NC which is staffed M-F daytime hours by two part-time personnel (mostly off duty career folks). I would like particularly to gather data from departments which serve a population base of less than 10,000 and have gone from staffing at only certain hours to 24 hour coverage in the past ten years. I need information such as total dept. budget, one year before and after the addition of 24 hr. staff, average response times before and after going to 24 hr. staffing, average number of personnel response before and after going to 24 hour staffing (to determine if response maintained of if some personnel lessoned responses once 24 hr. personnel were added), average number of personnel responding to EMS and Fire type calls before and after, and approximate district size and population. Data from a sample month would be sufficient, vs. gathering endless data for an entire year. Also, minnimum qualifications for your paid folks would also be helpful. If you have firehouse software I am told this data is generally easy to gather. If you can help me, please email me at jds015@uncp.edu and provide your dept. name, any data, and a contact number for your department that I could contact you at. Thank you for your assistance and time.

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    I would check West Des Moines, IA

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    Default Research source

    Here's where I found a lot of good research from the fire academy. The search engine is a little strange. If you have access to Interlibrary Loan, you can get many of the original papers.



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