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    Hello I am a senior in highschool and I live in Westlake, Ohio. I want to become a voluntary firefighter but I do not know where to start. I contacted the fire houses in my county and none have volunteer programs. I am also attending Ohio State University next year, and am trying to figure out what they have down there.

    Any information would be great.


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    I think it great that you want to volunteer, however the class you have to attend ontop of college coursese could easly burn your self out. I tried the same thing once. It didnt work. It might for you, everyones diffrent but i just recommened takeing a look at you situation and your commitment and see where it takes you.

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    Wink Where to start?

    The first thing you should do is go down to your nearest volunteer fire station and talk with the Fire Chief or the Deputy (Assistant) Fire Chief. If none of them are reachable then try for the Training Officer.

    Be honest with your age. Given that you are still in high school, you may be too young to volunteer. If not then they will probably give you even more time to talk with you.

    They may be able to steer you in the right direction with the related classes that are being taught at the local college (If required by that department).

    Being a volunteer firefighter is a great place to start. You can see whether or not you would like to do that full time. If not, then you probably will not have waisted too much of your own time before deciding to look towards a different path.

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    We have a pretty active Explorer's program down here for the kids in highschool. That might be something you could get into until you are 18.

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    You said that there were no volly dept's in the County, correct? That would be a problem, and around Columbus most department's there are paid as well, although it may vary if you plan on staying on campus or not.

    Shame there is no Department in the County that is a Volunteer Department, because you could take the basic fire class at 17 since this is your senior year, but you would not be able to test until after the school year.

    Good Luck.

    STILL STANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NastyNate View Post
    We have a pretty active Explorer's program down here for the kids in highschool. That might be something you could get into until you are 18.
    I think you'll actually find that a lot of Explorer programs will allow you to be on them until you're 21, particularly with career departments.

    One thing you're going to have to consider while you're at OSU is whether or not you'll have to live in campus housing your freshman year. If so, it may limit you on whether you can join a department or not.

    My biggest piece of advise is don't get in a hurry. If you're not out of high school yet, you've got decades to work the job, or vollie, or both if you so choose. Get your feet wet in college and see how classes go. If you're class load doesn't get too busy, start looking around for possiblities with vollie departments around the city.

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