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    Smile St Patricks Day

    Hi everyone,
    Im a Firefighter EMT in Dublin Ireland heading over to NY for Paddys day any tips ....

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    You might get some ideas from there.


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    Irishgirl....We're over in NYC for St Paddies for the first time this year. I think the best thing to do is watch the parade then get in a good bar somewhere and let the day flow!

    Apparently the best place to view the parade is from the Metropolitan Museum of Art up by E 80th St.

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    Bring your uniform and march with us..weve got 18 from DFB marchin so far...your more than welcome
    Dublin Fire Brigade

    *The Fire-Fighting Irish*

    If u cant use it, eat it or drink it............SMASH IT !

    And always remember to duck !!!!!

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    At least yall will get to see the parade. I am finishing up my 1152 training on
    St. Patrick's Day! I will be in the burn building! I think that I will skip one St. Pattie's Day to do the burn, and finally get certified! Stay safe guys!

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