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    My department is looking to replace our 100' 89 LTI. We need some good arguments for the public as to why we should replace it and why we need such a big truck. We cover a heavy reatail/comm. area as well as residential. Some say the truck is too big and cost too much we should be able to handle it with a 75' quint.

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    The Pythagoreum Theorum is the best arguement for a 100' vs. 75' if you don't have multiple buildings over 5 stories. Most people do not understand that a 100 ft. ladder may only make the 5th floor if the setback is far enough. And collapse zones must be considered, especially when thinking of setbacks in commercial/industrial areas.

    We fought the same battle 2 years ago and educated the public and local government on ISO, setbacks vs. height, why we need any aerial at all, and in our case, the benefits of a platform vs. a stick. I have the info saved. If you're interested PM me an email address and I'll send it to you.

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    As MAFDCAPT pointed out, the distance you have to the building takes away from the height you can reach. Most people don't think about this until you point it out. Take your truck out in your response area and show where you can reach. Ideally, take those that make the decision with you. Set up at several average structures and show where your aerial goes and show where a 75' would reach.
    Has the opposition been educated about current roof construction and the need to remain off the roof? If you need an elevated master stream, would the 75' give you the reach needed to apply it properly?
    We have a 95' platform and an 80' stick. We have ran out of aerial on both at fairly routine calls. Partly due to poor placement and mainly due to parking and the setback of the structure.
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