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    Default Best way to list LDH equipment for most points?

    Time is drawing near. Kurt has helped me understand some of why we failed last year. We are asking for LDH and equipment to go with it and I need to know the best way to do it for the best score.

    We are needing:
    Hose-Large Diameter (LDH 4 inches or larger) 14 Sections 100 foot

    Hose-Large Diameter (LDH 4 inches or larger) 2 Sections 25 foot

    Adapters, Wyes & Siamese 2 4" -5" storz adapters

    Adapters, Wyes & Siamese 4 4" Storz-2.5 Male

    Adapters, Wyes & Siamese 4 4" Storz-2.5 Female

    Portable Deluge Sets 1

    Adapters, Wyes & Siamese 1 4" storx- 2 2.5 gated wye

    Adapters, Wyes & Siamese 1 5" ball intake valve

    Now, should I group the hose together, all the adapter, wyes, etc together. Just list them as 1 Item?

    Also, how would a large portable pump go in with this. (To install on one of our tankers)
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    Really doesn't matter too much how it's listed, same reason there's no scoring difference between people that picked the Head to Toe PPE in the dropdown and those that listed everything individually. Type of project versus applicant is still the biggest scoring metric. Since you're still picking the type of item whether you list them individually or as a group, you won't do any better or worse doing one or the other.

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    Brian is right it won't matter on scoring. The only thing I would add to that is that by grouping them, in the request details section, you have less chance of making an error in the forms, as you will be filling out fewer forms, with questions on each item.
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    Talking ARHANEY - Group Them

    I broke out our PPE this year as 7 single items (coat, pants, helmet, boots, gloves, hood, eyewear). I'm wishing I had grouped them as head to toe PPE as it took away a lot of flexibility on the selection and price breakdown for each item and has locked us in. We will have to close out each seperate line item at the end and it will limit us on being able to use excess funds for anything else as my estimates for coats and pants were too low as the new standard raised prices almost $100 per coat. My total amount was good as head to toe, but as individual items it doesn't work out, we will have to match a higher cost share or eat up the excess funds on certain items. If it scores the same, grouping gives more flexibility on pricing fluctuations, seclection and less paperwork in the process.

    Still happy as a pig in s##t to have gotten a grant.


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    Head to Toe PPE was a choice in the application drop down, but even with grouping them there are limits on every item so you wouldn't have escaped the reduction on coat or pants by doing that. They're sneakier than that.

    Anyone that grouped usually got asked what the individual prices were. I say usually, some I worked did, some didn't. Some got reduced, others didn't. And you're right, something beats nothing, I know a lot of folks that would give body parts for the opportunity to accept a reduced grant award.

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