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    Default Need Weight Vest for CPAT test

    Does anyone have a 75# vest they would like to sell?

    I would like to use it to train for my CPAT test but really don't want to spend $200-$300 for one.

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    Go To Academy Sports If You Have One In Your State You Can Buy One Vest For About 60 Dollars Give Or Take. The Vest Is 40lbs. So Buy Two Of Them They Are Big Enough To Wear Both At The Same Time So Thats 80lbs. The Actual Weights Are Bullet Weights, In Half Lb. Incriments. So You Can Take Out As Many As You Need To Start Out Then Build Up.

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    E-bay will be a much more effective place to search for what you seek.


    I bought mine brand new from Weightvest.com ( I bought the economy version)

    Other threads about this are plenty, here is the most recent: http://forums.firehouse.com/showthre...ht=weight+vest

    Good luck
    I.A.C.O.J. "The Cork"

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    You don't need to get a 75lb vest. Buy a 50lb vest and do various cardio exercises. When I took it awhile ago. All I used was 50lbs. When I took the test with the 75lb on the stepmill. It did not seem heavy at all. Then when they took the two 12.5 lbs off. It was a breeze.

    BTW- If you been in the fire service for awhile and kept yourself in shape. You will have no problems at all.

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    Default Cheap weight vest

    you can buy a 20# weight vest at Wal Mart for $40 and buy a bucket of used tire weights from a tire shop, 50# should cost about $30. Try to find a cast iron pan if you can, don't forget your fire gloves and make ingots of about 5# each. Make sure you measure the little sacks of sand in the pouches on the vest and make the ingots as big as you can but obviously not so big you can't cram them in the pockets. Also the ipod pocket will hold a 6# ingot which you'll need. Ultimately this will yield a a 55# vest, grab a couple of Dbells and you're good to go. the Dbells actually make it harder which is good for test day. Remember to count your steps and control your breathing
    Good Luck!

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    I got a weight vest a few years ago, and I must tell you it was a waste of money. It is gathering dust now. Not really practical for the amount of regular use needed to justify the cost. I suspect utilizing it regularly is not good for the back either.

    The CPAT is a joke, if you're in good shape now you will not have a problem.

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    I have to disagree, I've used one my time in the marines and in the fire service. Bought the short version which strengths the lower back and abs trying to hold myself up. Takes some getting use to but training in it has knocked my 2 miles to below 12 minutes and my vertical leap by 3-5 inches. I have 3, a 75lb short, a 25lb basketball, and a 100lb long.

    Good investment but not for everyone.
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