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    Question Thermal imaging Tranining

    I am looking for a way to have a hands on training with our camera any ideas.

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    There are a number of resources out there. You can look at Oct 06-Jan 07 Firehouse issues for ideas on developing training, as well as evaluating instructors. You can also see if your state or regional training academy has a program. You can hire someone, such as Safe IR, to do the training.

    Take a look at the TI articles in Firehouse.com's Technology section.
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    Lightbulb Amazing training Aid = TIC

    We have a SCOTT eagle TIC in our FD. To have some one come in and train may be a waste of your time. We use our Firehouse for training. Simply hide some guys in the hall shut the lights out and go seek. (HIDE N SEEK) for the Big Boys . Youll find guys heading towards a door thinking they found some one but in fact it was there own reflection. Put them in a closet you cant see through a door but you can pick up the heat in the crack in the bottom.
    As for heat training use it in your tower if you have one, if not go to a Industrial Plant and use it there. If you can think it you train with it just my thoughts

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    "To have some one come in and train may be a waste of your time."

    I completely disagree with the comment that, to have someone come to your station and teach is a waste of time. Unless you have people properly trained in the use of TI's, they are not something you learn as you go. I have taken the Safe IR program 3 times on 2 different camera's and its the only way to go. The teachings of this program is not only camera specific but teachs you what your looking @ and how to interpret it. Any & All training is great training!

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    The comment on the guys seeing their own reflection is important. Thermal imagers are effective at fooling the inexperienced user. Set up scenarios to demonstrate how glass, mirrors, large appliances, and basically any kind of glossy surface (including sealed concrete floors for example) will reflect a heat signature. Add to that the lack of depth perception, you quickly find that a TIC is not the accurate perfect all-seeing magic eye. Some of the new kids come in and stride boldly forward with the TIC and soon get in trouble or get hurt. Some of us old kids do it, too, I guess.

    A powerful and irreplaceable tool, yes, but make sure your training shows its limitations and quirks.
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    We had a guy from Bullard come down and give us an 8 hr class. It was a very good class. Ask kyour dealer about it.
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