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    Default Dozer operator?

    Where do you get trained to be a dozer operator???

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    CDF trains dozer operators but the requirements to get into the class are quite high.
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    I think most dozer operators are born into it.

    Actually there are classes where you can learn to operate dozers but it does seem like most operators grew up operating heavy equipment in the family buisness.

    As far as I know there are no specific requirements it is more of a take you out and see what you can do kind of thing.

    Your best bet would be to find a job working around heavy equipment where you might be allowed to fill in from time to time. If you already have some experience operating heavy equipment you might trying to get hired with a contractor that supplies dozers to wildland agencies (CDF, USFS, BLM etc).

    Some agencies hire swampers (dozer assistants), not sure where you are located but I know USFS, and BLM hire seasonal swampers in some locations, Kern County Fire also hires seasonal swampers. I don't believe CDF does, but LA County, Ventura County and Santa Barbara County have quite a few dozers and have some seasonal firefighter positions so you might check to see if they hire swampers.

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    I was born into the seat. But I still screw it up now and then. I does get easier with time.
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    To get hired with CDF(CAL FIRE) as a dozer operator(captain) you need quite a bit of time behind the sticks so to say, I believe it's something like a thousand hours of operating time and like 200 or 500 hours of transport time(driving a lowboy with a dozer) you can check the website and i think it has the specifics there. Not an easy role to get into. But a great way to make captain real quick. And like others said you can always go the private route, that I believe is a little easier and pays a little better short term(you aren't a state employee and aren't guaranteed work year round). Good luck tho.

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    Default Dozer Operators

    Here in Florida all Forest Rangers learn to operate dozers due to our terrain and fuel types.. my tractor was a D-5 Cat and yes I was spoiled it had air conditioning

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