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    Default Would like your thoughts...

    I am looking for people's thoughts. I interviewed with a medium size department just over two weeks ago. The Chief, who is retiring at the end of this week, said the Board of Fire Commissioners were supposed to take up the subject of hiring 9-10 at the beginning of March. I am very anxious to know if anything has progressed and was considering sending the Chief a quick email asking as to the status of the Hiring Process. Am I being pushy by doing this or do I look like I want the job? Any thoughts??? Thanks!

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    I would maybe try and contact the Human Resource department of the city prior to contacting the Chief directly.

    Just my suggestion

    Good Luck!

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    Absolutely DO NOT CONTACT THE FIRE CHIEF. Be patient. Try checking with the hiring agency (usually personnel or HR).

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    Default Wait

    Already two weeks eh?

    The time line for these hiring processes usually take longer than they tell you. You're probably real normal in your posting with the anxiety of wanting to know yesterday. With that in mind keep the sea monsters in check and stay off the phone. You don't want to be quicky ID'd as the person who couldn't wait and bugging everyone in the process.

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    Let them contact you

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    THANK YOU!!! You have all confirmed what my brain was telling me, but my gut was telling me different. I will wait and hopefully hear from them with positive results. Thank you again.


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