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    Default Keeping The Morale Up

    I am a volunteer EMT-B at a rural fire dept. My problem is that we recently had a meeting where some firefighter's wanted to elect a new fire chief. They thought we needed change and the young one's were determined to elect someone who they thought was just as capable as the present chief. Well, needless to say that the older officers had enough votes to keep the present chief in. Now the Chief is taking it out on all the young firefighter's and it has really split the fire dept. up. How can we overcome this obstacle that's been created and how do we keep the morale up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GNURYSS View Post
    Now the Chief is taking it out on all the young firefighter's and it has really split the fire dept. up.
    Doesn't sound like he's acting like a Chief. His job is the unite and lead the department. In a lot of cases, bad moral is caused by bad leadership.
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    The chief is'nt doing his job. The chief needs to be worring about his people,over see the fd operations and be a real leader.He should'nt be there to make friends. Maybe you do need a new chief?

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    That Chief is allowing personal and political matters affect the operations of your F.D. Uncalled for, voyager said it the best: his job is to unite and lead.

    How is he taking it out on the youngin's?
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    Default split

    We had this same issue many years back and it split the department in half, it got really bad... so have fun. The Town board actually steped in and made an ordinace stating that they choose the Cheif not us.

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    Default How's he's taking it out on the younger firefighter's

    We'll first of all let me explain young. We have several officers ranging from 50's to 70's so that classifies the older members. We have some members that I consider the young ones ranging from 19 to late 30's that's our young members. The ones who make the majority of fires and runs. Then we have the rookie firefighter's. We'll the way he's taking it out on the young ones is attitude. He's disrespectful and making some firefighter's address him as the "chief" which has never happened before. He's given brand new equipment (radios) to probationary firefighter's when we all know that the young members should be receiving the equipment. Their radios are falling apart and usually the younger firefighter's receive the newer equipment. It has always been that the rookies didn't receive the newer equipment until they were officially voted in. He's been tacky on the radio transmissions on fire runs. He's pretty much making up his own rules to things. The list goes on... He has the senior firefighter's thinking he does this great job but they are never there to witness any of his bad behavior.

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    I too would like to hear some elaboration on what exactly is going on.......

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