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    Default Norfolk??

    Anyone here know how Norfolk, VA FD is to work for?? Also, how are the rotations between the medic units and fire apparatus scheduled? And, is there any overtime available if you are a Paramedic??


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    Check out the Norfolk Fire - Rescue website:

    Hope that helps.

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    A firend of mine got hired a yaer and half ago and he loves it down there. Its 24 on, 48 off. They usually split your shift up with 12 hrs. on an ambulance and then 12 on fire calls. The shedule works out great. You get what they call a Kelly Day where you only work a 12 hr. shift and then you get five days off. Then you go back to the 24on, 48 off. Their pretty busy so you should enjoy it.

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    Actually we dont work 24/48. We work a 3 week rotating cycle. tues, thurs, sat, monday, fri, sunday, wednesday....5 days off then we start all over again. The city is great to work for, we have a nice sized downtown and lots of in between stuff.

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