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    Exclamation A question for all you CDF guys

    Ok, here it is. I have an app. riding with CDF San Diego. I dont have the 67 hour wildland cert, BUT! i do have a season with a fire crew where we practiced the tularie (right spelling?) drill a few times. I have My emt-b and have worked in a hospital and as a head lifeguard. What do you think my chances are of getting the nod from the interview board if i have a stellar interwiew? Will they not hire me just because of the fact that i dont have the wildland or haz-mat certs? Would it help me if i were to get a haz-mat cert from one of the training units?
    Any help would be great, since i am trying desperatly to join the CalFire family. Thanks!!

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    Default anybody..

    nobody? come on theres gotta be some CDF guys on this forum!

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    Default im not really sure

    to tell you the truth brother, I don't think so. I talked to my dad ( a 32 year CDF retiree) about this and he told me that the guidelines are pretty stringent. I know a batallion chief that started out as a seasonal 15+ years ago and he had to have the 67 hour wildland class even back then. I would call a regional office and ask them.
    If I hear anything different, I will let you know.
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    Unhappy wow, bummer

    Thats a bummer man. Good thing im signed up for 'medic school as a back-up plan. jeez. I guess it dosent hurt to go down and interview, right? Thanks for the responce my friend.

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    Default Classes

    As a summer fire seasonal employee with the State of Idaho let me say this....There are classes that you must take to work at least here in Idaho. With the recent trial going on in the State of Washington with the Fire Boss who got four killed during last years fires,they look at the requirements very closely. There's even a basic class that has to be taken every year as a refresher on fire ground safety. So to answer your question...it's yes you need the classes and experience to get hired.

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