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    Default Background Investigation

    When conducting a background investigation, does the investigator have the right or authority to look at previous polygraph results or applications to other departments? I have failed 2 polygraphs in previous years even after being completely honest and I don't want this to tarnish my reputation. Thanks for the help

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    You will be asked if you have been through any background investigations and the results of them. You will have to declare exactly why you failed (polygraph). Ironically, they will ask if you were truthful with everything you have told them during your next polygraph.
    So, in answer to your question of can they talk to the administrator of your previous polygraph, the answer is no. The reality is that they don't need to. You will provide them with all of the answers they are looking for.

    Paul Lepore
    Battalion Chief

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    Most often the question is phrased, “Have you every taken a polygraph for a firefighter position”, or “Have you ever failed a polygraph for a firefighter position?”. There is no need to include any other polygraphs you may have taken for any other reason.

    Read the question and answer exactly what they asked for. If you mention having taken other polygraphs you may open a whole line of discussion that will take more time and cause you more stress than if you had just answered what they asked for.

    I have coached a lot of people that are taking both fire and PD tests. They have incorrectly put down that they have failed a PD interview in the past. P.D. polygraphs are far different and more in-depth than a fire interview and you shouldn’t confuse the two.

    Good Luck, Capt Rob

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