Six people have died in a collision between two buses on the main road 288 near Rasbo, north of Uppsala
A further 9 people are have been seriously injured, and 42 people have minor injuries

The buses came off the road and were left standing on a slope by the side of the southbound lane, according to news agency TT. The windscreen and
side of one of the buses was entirely torn off.

Uppsala police still do not know what caused the crash. Members of the Swedish Accident Investigation Commission were expected to visit the site at
Tuesday lunchtime. The bus drivers have not yet been interviewed about the crash

It is snowing at the scene of the crash, with temperatures around 0 degrees centigrade.

All survivors had been transported from the scene by about 9:15am. Forensic experts arrived on the scene shortly after 9am in order to approve the
removal of the bodies to mortuaries.

Emergency services launched a major operation after being alerted to the crash.

Key members of the local authority gathered at a crisis centre in the area and emergency personnel were called in from bordering counties.
According to Aftonbladet, the buses were both running on route 811. One bus was travelling from Öregrund to Uppsala; the other bus was travelling in
the opposite direction.

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