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    hi guys, i am a high school senior in lincoln nebraska. i am trying to find a college to compete in swimming and its looking like vinceness is where i will probly end up going. there is a school in my hometown with a fire science program, but vinceness is the closest school where i can get on a swim team. i was wondering if you guys know about their fire program and if it will affect my being able to get a job back in nebraska

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    Email the fire science professor. He can answer your questions better than we can. (this area not visited very often). His name is al scarpalini (not sure last name spelled right).

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    I have heard good things about vinncennes from some people, however I had a very bad experience with them. After a year and a half of scarcely returned phone calls/emails/letters, I got no where with them. I ended up going to another local community college who was more help than anyone was at vinncennes with me. But like I said, that's just me personally.

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    I go to VU. It's alright, I mean, the campus and town sucks, but the programs are decent. The standard academic classes are a joke, but the specialized programs are pretty good. You get your FF I and II certs, HAZMAT Awareness, Ops and Tech, and Pumper Driver/Operator. I'm not sure what other certs you'll get, but there are a couple more I do believe.

    As far as it affecting you getting hired in Nebraska... that depends. At VU, the certs are Indiana's certs. For a small fee ($20) you can apply to have them transferred to IFSAC certs. I don't know whether or not Nebraska accepts IFSAC certs. If they do, then yes, VU will help you get hired. If not, then it probably won't do too much. When getting hired, departments really don't care too much if you have a Fire Science degree, the only place it is really of any significant help is when going for promotions on down the road.

    Like whitesox4life said, for more information, contact the department Chairman, Al Scarpellini:

    Email address: ascarpellini@vinu.edu

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