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    Thumbs up Scott AV2000 masks needed

    Haven't seen another forum for this, so here goes.

    Any of you lucky dept's who got new SCBA from DHS and upgraded or changed brands in the last few years happen to have any old Scott AV2000 masks you would trade, donate or sell cheap? We received a donation of 18 new masks, however, they have the Hazmat style rubber head harnesses and we can't use them at fires. We are looking for used or broken masks that have decent Kevlar harnesses so that we can have more available masks and/or personal masks to issue. The replacement kevlar hoods are expensive from Scott. I would gladly trade these brand new hazmat harnesses for used Kevlar if you need some for a hazmat team. Please email me or post if you know of anyone with surplus masks to wheel and deal.


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    Contact Fire and Safety outfitters, of Charlotte, NC ( http://www.fireoutfitters.com/ ) at 888-556-5777

    or Action Fire and Safety at 800-868-8584

    These two get used masks from Charlotte Fire Dept and surrounding depts yearly, and have a MASSIVE supply of used masks in great shape (after cleaning the nets) We purchased 24 from them two years ago, with no problems from them. All that we have tested, have passed fit test.
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