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    Talking FD FINALLY coming together

    I have been the head of a (former) rag-tag good old boy FD. However through the suppourt of my family, many dedicated FF's, and the Public wanting to see things change. We have been able to change a underpowered, underfunded, and undertrained FD into a work in progress. A few years ago I was embarssed to be accosiated with the Marmarth Fire Dept. However we have been making changes for the better, and tonight I was able to see all of our hard work pay off. We had a Fully involved F-550 with over 200 gallons of diesel in the back, myself and my T.O. in Brush 1, where able to knock it down, and move into over haul BEFORE we had help. The Real ****-kicker is that it was not in our district, we had her continated before the "right" dept was there. Plus our tanker, Suppourt, and Brush 2 beat the "right" Dept also.

    Don't get me wrong, I am not bragging, But I was able to see our hard work, pay off, we had everyone Followin' Text book examples of how everything should go. I know this is how it should Be, but for MFD, it is a great step towards a better Dept. The changes I have seen compared to 2 years ago, would blow you away, i know it has me.

    I am sorry for the length, and errors, but dawm it......I am one happy camper to see my boys doing things the Right way for once.

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    In the 3 years I was on a volunteer department and the 3 years on my ship's inport mobile repair party,I was always surprised to see when an incident went as we had trained to deal with it and not have to juryrig half the time we were there.

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