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    Default Radio Communications

    Okay, I know everyone has issues with good comms on Hazmat scenes. But I am with a private firm that has an in-house spill team. We use level B encapsulating suits for most of our events and have found radio communications to be a real chore. Our company runs a 900 MHz trunking system on our facility and we use Motorola MTX 900 radios that we place in plastic bags, and diligently use while in the hot zone.

    Does anyone have a VOX system w/ either bone or throat microphones that they are currently using that they are happy with. Hopefully that may integrate with our Motorola systems. We had considered using cheap FSR radios, and then disposing of them in the Haz-waste bin during decon, but the RF output wreaks havoc on some of the sensitive silicon wafer machines used here. The MTX 900s we use are tuned to a 1/10 watt output.

    Appreciate any input or suggestions anyone may have.

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    We have microphones built into our SCBA mask. We use MSA firehawks. This system works great. There is a large push to talk button that we hook to the scba harness. It is easy to push even through Level A suits.

    We have had no luck at all with VOX. The noise of breathing in SCBA seems to keep the channel open.

    Most of the bone mics we've investigated don't provide adequate sound quality.

    The SCBA mask with mics built in seems to work the best.
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    We have been using Otto throat mic's, with our MAS air packs.

    Have a good day, Joe

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    We use ISI Viking Digital packs with VOX and have Motorola XTS 5000r 800Mhz trunked. The adaptor hooks right on the side of the radio and the VOX actually works through the mask, it not affected by the use of the SCBA. The packs are good to go. The interface cables are spendy.

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