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    Default Enterprise Tornado

    Here is a link to the story about the tornado in Enterprise, Al. I have heard reports of as many as 13 dead.


    Lets keep our prayers with those who are injuried, and thier families.

    Does anyone know if our brothers and sisters there need anything?
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    The news was talking to various town & school officials yesterday evening trying to find someone to blame for the school incident already. 8 kids died in there and god knows how many were injured. And unfortunately for the news media, I doubt there is anyone to blame. As is so often the case, the sirens went off and at that point, it was already too late. There is nothing anyone could have done to prevent this short of building the school in an underground bomb shelter.

    Either someone finds a way to improve the tornado prediction and warning system, or it keeps happening.
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    the city did everything by the book i went to that school it was built right and was the safest place in town the houses around the school got leveled and some of the foundations are even gone. 2 of the 8 kids were best frinds and lived on both sides of me. they were the ones that held the wall up for the girls

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