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    Default 2007 Turnout Gear

    I have a question. We got new turnout gear in 2003 for all members. 2007 I want to apply for gear for members who have since joined. The 2003 gear does not meet the new NFPA standards, but most is still in very good shape. How will I answer the question on what percentage of members will be in compliant gear.

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    Lets say you have 10 new members that don't have any gear & apply for ten complete sets head to toe . If granted then 100% of your members would have safe compliant gear. To be compliant means meeting all nfpa requirements at time of manufacture in 2003. As long as it is still in safe & functional condition it will not be replaced. They are looking for 100% completion of any project they provide funding for

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    NFPA standards are updated and change every 4-5 years. So it is almost impossible to maintain compliancy. As a peer reviewer, I hate it when someone insults me with the claim of gear not being compliant when it only a few years old. I know about the standard changes. I am a firefighter just like you. So unless the 5 year old gear is worn from a high call volume, don't try and propose replacing it. Simply ask for what is needed to outfit the new members.


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