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    Question A thought to ponder

    I was a vol. Firefighter with a few yrs of service under my belt.This last stent was 5 yrs. I"ve been EMT-B for 7 years and a fire fighter for off and on for 10yrs. and the oldest actived non officer hose drager and roller in the depatment at the age of 46. I was passed over for a promotion last summer, for a younger less SR. firefighter, this person had been a EMT-B for less then 3 years, had very little fire training, almost no extrication or any kind of rescue training and I have over 460 hours of training in these and other training. Plus wild land seach and rescue training. As well as speiclized Radio training. When I question the event, suddenly the sr staff found any reason to belittle me and finnaly termating me from the deprtment.
    Do any of you Fellow fire fighters find this a little bit odd (or as my late grandpa would say smells a little fishy). I also suffer from a disoder that effects one out of thirty persons (most do not know they suffer from it), it makes me a little bit odd to get along with, when you take the time understand me.You find that i'm a very smart person and it's easy to work with me. But if you don't understand or Just plain lazy and do not want to take the time to understand, i'm a bit of a pain to them folks
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