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    Default Rochester Ny. Fire Exam

    The City of Rochester, Ny Fire Exam

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    This exam is open to everyone and requires a non-refundable $25.00 examination fee due at time of submission. If you apply online, you will be required to pay online with a credit card. Your credit card will be charged the $25 examination fee plus a $1 Transaction Fee. DO NOT COMPLETE AN APPLICATION UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO PAY as this will hinder the application process.

    Applications will be accepted through the Application Deadline Date (Eastern Standard Time):
    - In person - until 5:00 pm in Room 103A, City Hall
    - Online - until midnight
    - Sent by Mail - postmarked by the Application Deadline Date

    Applications submitted after these times will be rejected.

    When submitting an application, please be certain that your paper Application is complete, or if submitting online, that your Personal Information, Education & Experience, are complete, and describe all relevant experience. Applications will be reviewed based upon the information supplied. Resumes may accompany, but will not be accepted in place of, a City of Rochester employment application. Applications may be obtained at City Hall in Room 103A, on the City's website , or by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Human Resource Management, City Hall, 30 Church Street, Room 103A, Rochester, NY, 14614.


    MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS NOTE: Candidates who expect to receive any degree or diploma listed in the minimum qualifications below by August 1, 2007, may participate in this examination. If successful on the examination, you will not be certified for appointment until you have submitted proof of completion of the requirements to the City of Rochester Examination Administration unit. Proof must be submitted no later than 2 (two) months after the completion of your degree or diploma; failure to do so will result in removal of your name from this list.

    Printable Version
    Listing Category Exam
    Job Title Firefighter
    Exam # LOC-0701
    Minimum Salary 33507
    Maximum Salary 58512
    Salary Period Annually
    Exam Date 05/05/2007
    Application Deadline 03/30/2007
    Minimum Qualifications High School Diploma or G.E.D.

    - Possession of a valid Class D driver's license issued by New York State by the commencement of
    the background investigation.
    - Candidates must be at least eighteen (18) years old at the time of appointment.
    - Candidates must successfully complete the Rochester Fire Academy training within six months of
    - Must pass a medical examination that will cover areas such as, but not limited to vision, drug test,
    hearing and blood pressure, and a psychological evaluation.

    General Description This work primarily consists of preventing loss of life and damage to property resulting from fires or other life-threatening situations. It includes the fighting and prevention of fires, rescue, emergency medical service, and inspection. Work is often physically stressful and strenuous. Firefighters receive intensive training as recruits and detailed instruction at the fire scene from supervisors. Routine inspection and maintenance work is performed under general supervision. Firefighters do related work as required.

    Typical Work Activities Responds to fire alarms and emergency calls with fire company;
    Locates fires, sizes up and relays information to officer-in-charge;
    Makes openings for ventilation and entry;
    Evacuates, searches and removes people from hazardous areas;
    Raises, positions and climbs ladders and enters burning buildings wearing protective clothing and
    breathing apparatus;
    Lays, connects, carries, drags and operates hose lines and nozzles;
    Drives, rides, or operates firefighting apparatus, and places apparatus and equipment as
    Operates power tools, digs, moves heavy objects and/or works in hazardous areas to rescue or
    extricate victims of various kinds of accidents;
    Inspects and maintains firefighting equipment;
    Provides emergency medical treatment for injured or ill persons;
    Lifts injured or ill persons;
    Conducts periodic inspection of buildings or private homes for fire hazards;
    Fills out reports by hand or uses a personal computer;
    Evaluates dynamic situations at emergency scenes and makes decisions on how to safely
    proceed with limited information;
    Chooses appropriate personal technical equipment for a given incident;
    Performs salvage operations at scene of fire, such as removing furniture, covering furniture with
    tarpaulins, and cleaning debris.

    Exam Information SCOPE OF THE EXAMINATION: This examination will consist of three parts:

    Part 1. Written Test
    Part 2. Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT)
    Part 3. Background Investigation

    The written test is both qualifying and ranking. The scores on the written test will be the final scores, and will be used to rank candidates on the eligible list. Parts 2 and 3 are qualifying only and will be rated Pass/Fail. Candidates who fail any one part of the examination will not be tested further. The Commission reserves the right to process candidates on qualifying portions of the examination only in such numbers as is necessary to produce enough eligibles to meet departmental needs through the lifetime of the list.


    IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO NOTIFY THE ROCHESTER CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION IN WRITING OF ANY CHANGES IN ADDRESS OR TELEPHONE NUMBER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. NOTIFYING THE POST OFFICE TO FORWARD MAIL IS NOT EFFECTIVE TO INSURE THAT NOTICES FOR EXAMINATIONS OR APPOINTMENTS WILL REACH YOU. You may obtain a change of address form from the Civil Service Office located at City Hall, 30 Church Street, Rochester, New York, 14614, Room 103-A, or go to our website at http://www.cityofrochester.gov/main/docs/bhrm/addre
    sschange.pdf Please call 585-428-7115 with any questions.
    Part 1. The written test will be in multiple choice format and will test for general abilities needed to succeed in entry-level Firefighter training and on the job. No previous knowledge of firefighting work is necessary to succeed on this test.
    The use of calculators is prohibited.

    1. Memory - these questions test your ability to learn, remember and apply information.

    2. Reading Comprehension - these questions test how well you comprehend written material.

    3. Interests - these questions assess your personality and interests as they relate to the job of a firefighter.
    You will be given two areas of activity and you be asked to make a choice between them.

    4. Situational Judgment - these questions test your ability to handle a situation by using judgment, general knowledge and common sense to either decide what do next or to resolve the situation in a reasonable manner.

    5. Logic and Reasoning - these questions test your ability to interpret and apply basic mathematical and logical data.

    Study guides for the exam will available in mid-February in Room 103-A, City Hall, 30 Church Street, Rochester, NY 14614, 585-428-7115 or at the Rochester Fire Department website at: http://www.cityofrochester.gov/PublicSafety/Fire/recru

    Part 2. The Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) consists of a sequence of eight separate events, requiring you to progress along a predetermined path from event to event in a continuous manner. The eight events are: Stair Climb, Hose Drag, Equipment Carry, Ladder Raise and Extension, Forcible Entry, Search, Rescue, Ceiling Breach and Pull. Detailed information about the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) will be provided to candidates at the written test site.

    For more information regarding the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT), go to the Rochester Fire Department website at: http://www.cityofrochester.gov/PublicSafety/Fire/recru

    Part 3. In the Background Investigation, candidates will be expected to demonstrate standards of responsible behavior such as but not limited to patterns of truthfulness, obeyance of laws, rules, and regulations, appropriate control of emotions, appropriate reactions to stressful situations, and meeting employment obligations. The scope of the background investigation will include but not be limited to the following areas: records of education,
    employment, military service, credit, criminal record, driving record, illegal drug usage, moral character, factual discrepancies or untruthfulness in the information supplied to Civil Service Commission, the Fire Department, or in the course of the psychological evaluation. You must pass the psychological evaluation. In addition, any negative report within a non-failing psychological evaluation may be grounds for disqualification.

    ELIGIBLE LISTS: After the written portion of the exam, the names of successful candidates will be placed on a list of eligibles in rank order of final scores. The list will be established for at least one year. The physical bility test, medical examination, background, and psychological evaluation will be administered later. Candidates who fail any of these tests will be removed from the eligible list. The Commission reserves the right to process candidates on the qualifying tests only in such numbers necessary to produce enough eligibles to meet department needs through the life of the list.

    RATING: This examination will be rated in accordance with Section X-1 of the Municipal Civil Service Rules.


    Applications: Applications may be obtained from room 103A City Hall, 30 Church St., Rochester, NY 14614-1280 or from our website www.cityofrochester.gov. A separate application must be completed for each separately numbered examination. Applications must be received by the close of business or postmarked by the application deadline date. Late applications will be rejected. Applications must be complete and accurate.
    Application Fee: An Examination Application Fee is charged for the City of Rochester to process a candidate's examination application. It is not a fee for the examination itself. Exam applications will NOT be reviewed until exam fee is paid. Late fees will NOT be accepted.
    Payment Due Date is the same as Application Deadline Date for applications. There will be no exceptions to this requirement.
    There will be no refund of fees if a candidate does not qualify for an exam or if a candidate fails to appear for the examination.

    Eligible Lists: Eligible lists contain the names of applicants who have received a passing score on the examination. Lists will be established in rank order, with the highest score being #1. In case of tie scored, all persons at that score are considered equal.
    Candidates must be one of the top three candidates to be reachable for appointment. Promotional eligible lists are limited to present employees of the City and take precedence over open-competitive lists. All eligible lists are established for at least one year and may be extended for up to four years.

    Change of Address: You are required to notify Civil Service of any address changes. Failure to do so may result in your removal from an eligible list.
    Admission to the Exam: If you have not received notification of acceptance or rejection for this exam by the Wednesday before the exam date, please notify this office at 428-7454.

    Residency Requirements: There is no residency requirement for participation in examinations.
    Preference in hiring may be given to City of Rochester residents on open-competitive lists pursuant to Section 23 of the Civil Service Law.

    Military Candidates: Any candidate on active military duty in the United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force or Coast Guard may be eligible for alternative testing dates if necessary. This applies to the State Militia and National Guard if under Federal Control. If alternate testing is necessary, candidates are required to notify Rochester Civil Service in writing, as quickly as possible. Any such requests must be accompanied by a DD214 or other official military document that substantiates the applicant's active military service at the time of the examination. Alternate testing accommodations will not be honored if requests are made more than 60 days after release from service
    Effective 1/1/98, the State Constitution was amended to
    permit candidates currently in the armed forces to apply for and be conditionally granted veteran's credit in examinations. Any candidate who applies for such credit must provide proof of military status to receive the conditional credit. No credit may be granted after the establishment of the list. It is the responsibility of the candidate to provide appropriate documentary proof indicating that the service was in time of war, as defined in Section 85 of Civil Service Law, and that the candidate received an honorable discharge or was released under honorable conditions in order to be certified at a score ncluding veteran's credits.

    Veterans: Veterans or disabled veterans who are eligible for additional credits must submit an application for veteran's credit with their application for examination or at any time between the dates of their examination and the date of the establishment of the resulting eligible list. This period of time will not be less than 60 days from the final filing date of application for this examination. Evidence of military discharge (DD-214) must be filed with the form. Applications for Veteran's credit are available form this office.
    Veterans credits can only be added to a passing score on the examination. You may waive credits any time prior to appointment. If you have already used these credits for appointment, you may not claim them.

    Additional Exam Credits: In conformance with section 85-a of the Civil Service Law, children of firefighters and police officers killed in the line of duty shall be entitled to receive an additional ten points in a competitive examination for original appointment in the same municipality in which his or her parent has served. If you are qualified to participate in this examination and are a child of a firefighter or police officer killed in the line of duty in this municipality, please inform this office of this matter when you submit your application for examination. A candidate claiming such credit has a minimum of two months from the application deadline to provide the necessary documentation to verify additional credit eligibility.
    However, no credit may be added after the eligible list has been established.

    Alternate Testing Arrangements: If alternate or special arrangements for testing are required, please indicate that on your application and attach appropriate documentation. A copy of the City of Rochester's Alternate Test Policy is available in Room 103A, City Hall, or from our website.

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