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    I will graduating at the end of the summer and a department that I don't paticulary want to work for is testing in a couple weeks. Would it be a good idea to test with them for practice? What happens if by chance I rank number 1, and get the phone call, what do I tell them? I might end actually trying for the dept in the future and don't want to hurt my chances. Thanks.

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    The way I see it, there is nothing wrong with testing for any department. A job is a job. If you rank first after everything, written, physical, interviews, so on, you still don't have to take the job. That is up to you whether the dept is right for you. The testing will help you out in future tests and give you an idea what to expect and where to improve.

    Chances are though if this is your first test, you would seriosly have to impress the dept to rank #1. Although, if hired and you don't really want to be on the dept, don't take the job. Don't ruin someone elses chance at the job, who really wanted to be there. By chance you do get a call and don't want the job, tell them thank you, but you have other commitments in your life right now. Like school, etc. They will understand and won't hurt your chances for the future. Just don't say no I tested for practice and don't want the job.

    I turned down a job before I got hired where I am to finish school, they understood and encouraged me to test again for them. I turned down three other jobs after getting hired and all understood, there were no hard feelings.
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