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    Default Anybody have Global Secure airpacks?

    We are considering Global Secure air packs. Does anyone here know anybody who has used them? We do not want to purchase them without knowing more about them.

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    Global Secure bought Cairns Air. I think I'd stick with the more established manufacturers. Cairns SCBA didn't last long when they were Cairns, I have no idea what they are like now.

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    I am familiar with one department in the mountains of Va. that has all Cairns air packs and they claim they have never had a problem with them.I have tried the new model with the "Action Back" and I liked it alot, it bends with you and rides real low on the back.I'd get references from several other departments . Try the New York Fire patrol I was told that they have used that pack for some time too.Hope this helps

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    You will probably have a problem finding the NY Fire patrol anymore, they
    were shut down.

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    We actually use the ISI packs. My only complaint with them is that the PASS alarm is not sensitive enough. That is, it doesn't do a good job of detecting movement. I beleive that this is one area that could use a good technolgy boost. I see the day when we will have some sort of postioning device as well as real time monitoring. I know there are a few systems out there now. It probably won't gain real acceptance until the next generation of fire fighters. After all, we haven't needed them before, why do we need them now.

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    1500,I've used the packs back when they were Cairns.They were a decent pack.The problematic part is where you are going to get them serviced.Check for local service (doubtful)and if you can't get them serviced locally,I'd look toward a product you can.Your primary safety equipment shouldn't have to be sent out and be gone for periods of time.May not be the case either but for your own peace of mind I'd look carefully at product support. T.C.

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