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    Okay gang...your thoughts...

    We have 4 items we were awarded for. Item 1 - we got a better bid and will have extra $$. Item #2, (boots) we got $250/boots x 30 members. We really would like to pick up some that run about $280.00.

    So, Any chance of robbing peter for paul? I know we get to spend upto $5000 on 'eligible' equipment w/o asking do you think this would work? If not, I'm sure we can come up with the $900 difference from 2% funds...but would hate to not use up more of that which we were awarded just because we got a little better deal on item #1.

    Let me know what you think.

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    Call your FPS and ask them before doing anything. Even when you go to use the $5K excess call and ask and then ask them to send you an e-mail to verify your conversation. Learning the hard way here that in AFG it truly is easier to ask permision.

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