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    I have a bunch of questions; need some advice/tips or any information that could help me out.

    Currently I am an emt-b considering making the move once I get done with paramedic from Michigan.

    Up here most Ambulance companies are almost always hiring medic's and they pay about $12 an hour and work 3 24 shifts per week. Is NC similar?

    Once I get down there and find a job I plan on going through the Fire Academy ASAP so I can start applying to any hiring Fire Departments in the state.

    Can anyone recommend a Fire Academy in the Raleigh area?

    I'm only going to the Raleigh area because my Aunt is there; if anyone can recommend a better area feel free.

    How is the job market in general for Firefighters in NC?

    Any information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    i am also looking to move to NC at the end of summer when i finish the mdic course i am currently in FL. any info would help as i am new to the routine of looking for firefighter jobs.

    also tom you could send me an e-m,ail at maybe we could hook up and help each other out w/ info.


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    I'm a career FF in Greenville, NC. As far as Fire Acad's go most dept's around here run their own fire acad. I know Wilson Tech and Greensboro have fire acad's but once you grad doesn't mean you'll be hired, you'll just be certified but once you're hired in Raleigh, Greenville etc... you'll have to go through the acad all over again unless you have like 14 yrs. exp.
    As far as hiring goes around Raleigh, they are in desparate need of minorities in the Raleigh FD, I know Greenville will be hiring in about 5 months.
    Anywhere you apply be prepared b/c it takes about 6 months to get hired. If I were you I'd start taking fire classes @ the local community college and try to get on a volunteer dept meantime, during the interview process they (the hiring panel) will ask what you've been doing to prepare for the job and taking classes and staying physically fit is a must.
    Remember you'll be up against anywhere from 300-1000+ applicants, some have applied several times before, so if you don't get through on the first try don't get upset.
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