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    Default Training New Guys

    We are an all vollunteer dept. and lately have been getting some new young interest in our dept. (about 7-8 guys all under 22 yrs old in the last 3 years).
    I was wandering if any of your depts. have some kind of Personal Qualification Standards tests they have to take. I'm not talking about a FFI or II class, but a basics skills and knowledge test given by your own dept after sometime of instruction and training.

    If anyone has a copy of one they have and can send it to me please let me know. Any help will be much appreciated!

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    No. For us, all FF's must pass FF1 within 1 year of joining.
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    We do ojt but still have to get ff1 qualified. at least started within 1st 18 mos. Hold regular training every 2 weeks plus additional when able.
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    Like most, they have to complete their required training within the first year. However, over the last 3 years or so, we developed a mentor program that assigns an officer or senior member to the recruit and the mentor is responsible for mentoring the new member in the ways of the fire department as to what they can and can not do, what is expected of them, showing them the basic equipment and locations of each, what to do and not do during calls, how to respond and not to respond and such.

    In general, it is working for us to date. When the new member has a problem, they know who to go to first, same as with a question in regards to policies and procedures. They are also given a new member handbook which details specific items a little more in depth.

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