I am new to the fire buff thing. I see many people collect all kind of antique firefighting equipment. My question is does anyone know what type of gear the major fire departments issued including helmets. For example, I found on the web that FDNY has issued Cairns N5A helmets to the fireman untill 1992 when they started to issue the Morning Pride Ben 2's. I also learned that when the started ito issue turnout gear, they had Janesville gear and then they switched to Morning Pride. I also know they wear Scott SCBA's and Pro leather boots.
Also, if anyone can point me in the right direction to finding this info. I realize that departments switch equipment manufactures often, but I hope you can help.
I am looking for this type of info for the following fire departments and info would be greatly appreciate.

Washington DC
Harford CT
St. Louis
LA City
LA County
And other larger city/town

Thank you very much