It was only a matter of time before these row-frames were going to light up. They have been for sale for months and I think vacant for quite some time also. Unfortunately, the fire spread to an occupied building.

Nice job by the brothers in keeping this to just 3 buildings. The smoke conditions made it a little tricky to shoot, but I gave it a shot.

Date: 03/05/07
Time: 21:06 hours
Box #: 3096
Address: 1155 E Tremont Ave X Bronx Park Ave
Building: 2 Story Vacant Frame PD 20x40
Fire Location: Fully involved w/ extension to exposure #4 (similar attached)
and Exposure #2 (3 story occupied mixed-use)

More Photos Here:

Engine 45 at work in the front of the building

Ladder 31 operates on side 1 in front of Exposure #2